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AP Exam Schedule

AP Courses and GPA Calculation FAQs

What is an AP® Course?
An AP Course is an Advanced Placement® course certified by The College Board as a college-level class taught in high school. Students can earn college credit as well as high school credit for these courses if their scores on the national AP Examinations are high enough to satisfy university requirements.

Are AP Classes hard?
AP classes are challenging but not impossible. The College Board requires that all AP teachers receive extensive training and AP classes use college-level textbooks to maintain the level of rigor necessary to pass the national AP Exams.

Do I have to be an “A” student to be successful in AP classes?
While “A” students often have time management and study skills that help them to be successful, any highly motivated student who has taken necessary prerequisite classes can be successful. Students who score above the national SAT average score tend to be more successful in AP courses than students with scores below the national SAT average.

How are grades calculated in AP courses and how does it affect HOPE GPA?
Students in AP classes have 10 points added to their average by GCPS. 

  • On the GCPS transcript if the student makes a 75 it converts to an 85.  This average with the 10 points is used for all GCPS related items (class rank, honor grad, etc). 
  • For calculation of the HOPE Scholarship average the 10 points are removed.  HOPE rewards students for AP classes by adding 0.5 points to their GPA for the course (based on a 0-4 scale).  For example, a student with a natural 80 would receive 3.0 points based on the 0-4 scale and then an additional .5 for rigor making the GPA a 3.5 for HOPE calculations.

Does the national AP Exam impact the student’s grade in the course?

No, taking the College Board AP Exam does not calculate into or affect the student’s grade for the course.  Students can earn college credit for these courses if their scores on the national AP Examinations are high enough to satisfy university requirements.  Not all colleges/universities have the same requirements (use the link below provided by College Board to assist).  



AP Course Information

AP Course Information

At Grayson High School, we seek to provide the highest course offerings for our students.  Listed below, you will find a course description link to all AP courses offered at GHS.  If you have any questions about AP Course curriculum please contact Cassy Moon (

If you are curious about colleges accept which AP courses and credits, please follow this link for more information.  

AP Course Descriptions

Below is a list of AP Courses taught at Grayson High School.  You can access AP course descriptions by clicking the link below. 
AP Course Descriptions

Science courses:
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Environmental Science

Social Studies courses:
AP Human Geography
AP World History
AP US History
AP Macroeconomics
AP American Government
AP European History
AP Psychology

Math courses:
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Computer Science
AP Computer Science Principles

Language Arts courses:
AP English Language
AP English Literature

Art Courses:
AP Studio Art
AP 2-D Drawing

Foreign Language:
AP Spanish Language