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Beginning in early February, Grayson High School will begin registration for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.  Students' current teachers will recommend the student for the appropriate level and course for next year.  If a current 9th through 11th grade student is concerned about their placement, they will need to complete a waiver form and return the form to the Curriculum Office by the end of February.  The Registration Form listed below includes all of the courses we are planning on offering for the 2018-19 school year including information about Grayson Technical School, Maxwell High School, Dual Enrollment, and online courses.

Rising 10-12 Grade Registration

If you are interested in making any adjustments to your elective choices, please carefully read the document below.  At this point, we only have openings in the courses listed on the document below.  If you have applied to Grayson Tech or Maxwell, you should see those listed on the course selection sheet you receive.  If you would like to request a level change, please complete the Class Change Appeal form and either email it back to Dr. Rhine or drop it off at the Curriculum Office.

Important Dates

February 5:  Rising 9th Grade Night

February 5 - 11: 10-12 Grade Course Registration (completed in class with current teachers)

February 13:  Dual Enrollment Meeting at 6 p.m. (GHS Theater)

March 16:  Rising 9th grade students receive 18-19 course selection sheets

March 20:  Accuplacer Test - Gwinnett Tech Dual Enrollment students

March 30:  Rising 9th grade course request forms are due back if changes are desired

April 11:  Current GHS students receive 18-19 course selection sheets

April 20:  Course requests forms are due back from current GHS students if changes are desired

Dual Enrollment

Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, Grayson will be offering "on campus" Dual Enrollment through Gwinnett Tech. Interested students will need to follow the regular Dual Enrollment steps with Gwinnett Tech in addition to letting the Grayson High School Curriculum Office know which courses they are interested in taking.

At this time, we are offering the following courses at Grayson High School in a face-to-face setting: English 1101 (Advanced Composition), English 1102 (British Literature), Math 1111 (College Algebra), Math 1113 (PreCalculus), and SOCI 1101 (Sociology). At this time, we are not certain which periods or semesters these courses will be offered, but after course registration, we will continue to relay this information to interested parents and students.

If you are interested in learning more about Dual Enrollment, please visit our Counseling website.

Sample 4 Year Plans of Former GHS Students

Listed below is a collection of four year plans for former Grayson High School students attending a variety of different colleges.  Each situation is unique; however, these four year plans will provide guidance for parents and students during the registration process.