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The Assessment Office is responsible for all standardized testing at Grayson High School.
  • Those tests include the End of Course Georgia Milestones (EOC's), Gateway, Gateway, District Designed Assessments, Student Performance Growth, and other similar tests if necessary.
  • Information regarding standardized tests used for post-secondary use, such as SAT, ACT, etc., can be found in our Counseling Office.
  • Information regarding Advanced Placement Tests can be acquired from Cappy Douglass.

District Assessments, Student Performance Growth, OECD, NAEP, EOC Midmonths – Veronica Crawford 770-554-1085

Gateway, EOC Main Administration – Leann Sims 770-554-7394

PSAT, ACCESS – Cappy Douglas 770-554-1084

GAA – Dr. Janita Richardson 770-554-1096

MAKEUP EXAMS - District Final Exams and Student Performance Growth Posttest

There will be final exam makeups in computer labs on 1/7/19 at the beginning of each period. Students should report to the lab at the beginning of the period.

Language Arts & Social Studies to lab 1.557, Pink Lab(except for 6th period.)

Math & Science to lab 1.541, Yellow Lab (except for 6th period.)

Any student who missed a 6th period exam must report to the media center at the beginning of 5th period on 1/7/19 for testing.
Makeups will also be held after school on 1/7/19 and 1/8/19 in lab 1.557, Pink Lab.

If you have any questions, please contact Veronica Crawford at 770-554-1085.

Second Semester Pretests

All students who are enrolled in District Assessment courses will take a second semester pretest.
** January 7, 2019 All Language Arts & Science DA courses

** January 8, 2019 All Math and Social Studies DA courses

** January 9, 2019 AP Macroneconmics, AP Government, Political Systems

** January 10, 2019 Personal Fitness, Health, Theater Fundamentals, Art 2 & 3 D

All students enrolled in a DA course by January 31 MUST take the pretest.